Deep in the bowels of the hell hole mine lies an evil so heinous, it can haunt your soul.

Just outside a desolate ghost town, inside a long-abandoned gold mine, lurks a dark being, conjured by the Shanowah tribe ages ago to destroy those that threatened to wipe out their people. Every one of the descendants of the miners who trapped it inside the Hell Hole mine suffer from schizophrenia. Some say it's because of the family curse.

Poni has come down with it. Her uncle and guardian Luke, believes that if he can get her into a private hospital, she might recover. But money is scarce for Luke and he needs to hurry before it’s too late.

A friend suggests Luke try his luck at the gold mine he recently inherited. Luke puts little faith in old ghost stories, so he ventures to the mine in hopes of making enough money to save Poni’s mind.


The Epidemic of Graveyard Valley

Some days, seems like everything on God’s green earth’s tryin’ ta kill ya. Just survivin’s a high accomplishment.

Cholera outbreaks have cost millions of human lives and spread concomitant fear and strife that have upended societies.

Well, they say, when it rains, it pours. In the desert, it’s closer to “when it dries up, it parches to drought”. So it was that, as the gold in Graveyard Valley dried up, the water became death – cholera found a foothold in the area. Children, parents, entire extended families fell victim to – as so often happens, the tiniest of invaders – Vibrio cholera. A bacterium so small as to be as good as invisible decimated populations, and, in the late 1870s, it visited its wrath upon the boomtown of Graveyard Valley, California.


The Hell Hole Mine Calamity

What happened at Hell Hole Mine? Well, I suppose I know, better than most – but I still, to this day, ain’t got no idea why. It seemed a good opportunity – Martin was payin’ good wages, and you kept a percentage of everything you dug. I’d worked on my own, but you gotta be rich to do that for very long without findin’ nothin’, and if you was rich, well, then, hell – you already got yourself enough anyhow.

So, guys like me, we’d take hired work when it’d come along. Especially when it paid as good as Martin did. He was a pretty nice fellow.


The Shanowah Legend of the Shakani

(as told by Benjamin Tanoak, of the Shenowah Tribe)

The Shakani is the Boogeyman. The Namahage. El Cucuy. The Jersey Devil. La Llorona. Only, the Shakani really exists.

And, unlike some of those that take only children, or seek out only those who’ve misbehaved, the Shakani is indiscriminate. Indiscriminate and ruthless.


Who is Sagebrush?

(As told by childhood friend John Longhew)

Well, Victor – err, “Sagebrush” is a complex character. Seemed like one part of him was always warring against the other. Now, we were both born in this town. Both grew up here. Both in the Marines. I worked as a mechanic in Italy.

And we both ended up back here. I suppose, most days, I see him more than I do my own wife. She likes it that way, though. She’s French – says there’s a saying that the person you see most in life shouldn’t be your spouse, else you’ll get too accustomed to them and be tempted to “see more” of someone else.


Satinka's True  Story

A sister of warriors, daughter of the chief, Satinka should have been the safest of all the Shanowah.

Her mother had died when she was eleven. Her father had never been quite the same after that. Her father was spiritual, mighty, suspicious of strangers, protective and often aloof. He would explain to her that a chief has much more on his mind than a young girl. “A great leader,” he would say, “must consider all the consequences of his actions before making decisions. And above all, he must do what is best for the tribe despite the sacrifices it may require. Do not let your thirst for knowledge, Little Pony – a pet name he gave her – cause you to fall into the river and drown.”

White Bear Comes 20x16


by Paul Collett and Matt McHugh


The American Southwest is fertile ground for only a few specific things – cacti, rattlesnakes, and legends.

Twenty miles north of Cincinnati lies a town that’s never been large enough, either in population or legend, to earn a place on most maps. But Black Rock, Ohio, is where the legend of Martin Dixon and his Hell Hole Mine began.

Martin had two things – ability and determination. Even one of those is enough to take a man far in life. Both together practically guarantee ...


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